Strongs: G4771

G4771 @ σύ su soo The personal pronoun of the second person singular; thou: - thou. See also G4571 G4671 G4675 and for the plur. G5209 G5210 G5213 G5216.
Matthew:2:6 Matthew:3:14 Matthew:6:6 Matthew:6:17 Matthew:11:3 Matthew:11:23 Matthew:14:28 Matthew:16:16 Matthew:16:18 Matthew:26:25 Matthew:26:39 Matthew:26:63 Matthew:26:64 Matthew:26:69 Matthew:26:73 Matthew:27:4 Matthew:27:11 Mark:1:11 Mark:3:11 Mark:8:29 Mark:14:36 Mark:14:61 Mark:14:67 Mark:14:68 Mark:15:2 Luke:1:28 Luke:1:42 Luke:1:76 Luke:3:22 Luke:4:7 Luke:4:41 Luke:7:19 Luke:7:20 Luke:9:60 Luke:10:15 Luke:10:37 Luke:15:31 Luke:16:7 Luke:16:25 Luke:17:8 Luke:19:19 Luke:19:42 Luke:22:32 Luke:22:58 Luke:22:67 Luke:22:70 Luke:23:3 Luke:23:37 Luke:23:39 Luke:23:40 Luke:24:18 John:1:19 John:1:21 John:1:25 John:1:42 John:1:49 John:2:10 John:2:20 John:3:2 John:3:10 John:3:26 John:4:9 John:4:10 John:4:12 John:4:19 John:6:30 John:6:69 John:7:52 John:8:5 John:8:13 John:8:25 John:8:33 John:8:48 John:8:52 John:8:53 John:9:17 John:9:28 John:9:34 John:9:35 John:10:24 John:10:33 John:11:27 John:11:42 John:12:34 John:13:6 John:13:7 John:14:9 John:17:5 John:17:8 John:17:21 John:17:23 John:17:25 John:18:17 John:18:25 John:18:33 John:18:34 John:18:37 John:19:9 John:20:15 John:21:12 John:21:15 John:21:16 John:21:17 John:21:22 Acts:1:24 Acts:4:24 Acts:7:28 Acts:9:5 Acts:10:15 Acts:10:33 Acts:11:9 Acts:11:14 Acts:13:33 Acts:16:31 Acts:21:38 Acts:22:8 Acts:22:27 Acts:23:3 Acts:23:21 Acts:25:10 Acts:26:15 Romans:2:3 Romans:2:17 Romans:9:20 Romans:11:17 Romans:11:18 Romans:11:20 Romans:11:22 Romans:11:24 Romans:14:4 Romans:14:10 Romans:14:22 1Corinthians:14:17 1Corinthians:15:36 Galatians:2:14 Galatians:6:1 1Timothy:6:11 2Timothy:1:18 2Timothy:2:1 2Timothy:2:3 2Timothy:3:10 2Timothy:3:14 2Timothy:4:5 2Timothy:4:15 Titus:2:1 Philemon:1:12 Hebrews:1:5 Hebrews:1:10 Hebrews:1:11 Hebrews:1:12 Hebrews:5:5 Hebrews:5:6 Hebrews:7:17 Hebrews:7:21 James:2:3 James:2:18 James:2:19 James:4:12 Revelation:2:15 Revelation:3:17 Revelation:4:11 Revelation:7:14

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