Strongs: G5315

G5315 @ φάγω phagō fag'-o A primary verb (used as an alternate of G2068 in certain tenses); to eat (literally or figuratively): - eat meat.
Matthew:6:25 Matthew:6:31 Matthew:12:4 Matthew:14:16 Matthew:14:20 Matthew:15:20 Matthew:15:32 Matthew:15:37 Matthew:25:35 Matthew:25:42 Matthew:26:17 Matthew:26:26 Mark:2:26 Mark:3:20 Mark:5:43 Mark:6:31 Mark:6:36 Mark:6:37 Mark:6:42 Mark:6:44 Mark:8:1 Mark:8:2 Mark:8:8 Mark:8:9 Mark:11:14 Mark:14:12 Mark:14:14 Mark:14:22 Luke:4:2 Luke:6:4 Luke:7:36 Luke:8:55 Luke:9:13 Luke:9:17 Luke:12:19 Luke:12:22 Luke:12:29 Luke:13:26 Luke:14:1 Luke:14:15 Luke:15:23 Luke:17:8 Luke:22:8 Luke:22:11 Luke:22:15 Luke:22:16 Luke:24:43 John:4:31 John:4:32 John:4:33 John:6:5 John:6:23 John:6:26 John:6:31 John:6:49 John:6:50 John:6:51 John:6:52 John:6:53 John:6:58 John:18:28 Acts:9:9 Acts:10:13 Acts:10:14 Acts:11:7 Acts:23:12 Acts:23:21 Romans:14:2 Romans:14:21 Romans:14:23 1Corinthians:8:8 1Corinthians:8:13 1Corinthians:9:4 1Corinthians:10:3 1Corinthians:10:7 1Corinthians:11:20 1Corinthians:11:21 1Corinthians:11:24 1Corinthians:11:33 1Corinthians:15:32 2Thessalonians:3:8 Hebrews:13:10 James:5:3 Revelation:2:7 Revelation:2:14 Revelation:2:17 Revelation:2:20 Revelation:10:10 Revelation:17:16 Revelation:19:18

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