Strongs: H4161

H4161 @ מצא מוצא môtsâ' môtsâ' {mo-tsaw'} mo-tsaw' From H3318 a going {forth} that {is} (the act) an {egress} or (the place) an exit; hence a source or product; specifically {dawn} the rising of the sun (the {East}) exportation6 {utterance} a {gate} a {fountain} a {mine} a meadow (as producing grass): - brought {out} {bud} that which came {out} {east} going {forth} goings {out} that which (thing that) is gone {out} {outgoing} proceeded {out} {spring} {vein} [water-] course [springs].
Numbers:30:12 Numbers:33:2 Deuteronomy:8:3 Deuteronomy:23:23 2Samuel:3:25 1Kings:10:28 2Kings:2:21 2Chronicles:1:16 2Chronicles:32:30 Job:28:1 Job:38:27 Psalms:19:6 Psalms:65:8 Psalms:75:6 Psalms:89:34 Psalms:107:33 Psalms:107:35 Isaiah:41:18 Isaiah:58:11 Jeremiah:17:16 Ezekiel:12:4 Ezekiel:42:11 Ezekiel:43:11 Ezekiel:44:5 Daniel:9:25 Hosea:6:3

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