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Strongs: H5087

H5087 @ נדר nâdar naw-dar' A primitive root; to promise ({positively} to do or give something to God): - (make a) vow.
Genesis:28:20 Genesis:31:13 Leviticus:27:8 Numbers:6:2 Numbers:6:21 Numbers:21:2 Numbers:30:2 Numbers:30:3 Numbers:30:10 Deuteronomy:12:11 Deuteronomy:12:17 Deuteronomy:23:21 Deuteronomy:23:22 Deuteronomy:23:23 Judges:11:30 Judges:11:39 1Samuel:1:11 2Samuel:15:7 2Samuel:15:8 Psalms:76:11 Psalms:132:2 Ecclesiastes:5:4 Ecclesiastes:5:5 Isaiah:19:21 Jeremiah:44:25 Jonah:1:16 Jonah:2:9 Malachi:1:14