Strongs: G450

G450 @ ἀνίστημι anistēmi an-is'-tay-mee From G303 and G2476 to stand up (literally or figuratively transitively or intransitively): - arise lift up raise up (again) rise (again) stand up (-right).
Matthew:9:9 Matthew:12:41 Matthew:17:9 Matthew:20:19 Matthew:22:24 Matthew:26:62 Mark:1:35 Mark:2:14 Mark:3:26 Mark:5:42 Mark:7:24 Mark:8:31 Mark:9:9 Mark:9:10 Mark:9:27 Mark:9:31 Mark:10:1 Mark:10:34 Mark:10:50 Mark:12:23 Mark:12:25 Mark:14:57 Mark:14:60 Mark:16:9 Luke:1:39 Luke:4:16 Luke:4:29 Luke:4:38 Luke:4:39 Luke:5:25 Luke:5:28 Luke:6:8 Luke:8:55 Luke:9:8 Luke:9:19 Luke:10:25 Luke:11:7 Luke:11:8 Luke:11:32 Luke:15:18 Luke:15:20 Luke:16:31 Luke:17:19 Luke:18:33 Luke:22:45 Luke:22:46 Luke:23:1 Luke:24:7 Luke:24:12 Luke:24:33 Luke:24:46 John:6:39 John:6:40 John:6:44 John:6:54 John:11:23 John:11:24 John:11:31 John:20:9 Acts:1:15 Acts:2:24 Acts:2:30 Acts:2:32 Acts:3:22 Acts:3:26 Acts:5:6 Acts:5:17 Acts:5:34 Acts:5:36 Acts:5:37 Acts:6:9 Acts:7:18 Acts:7:37 Acts:8:26 Acts:8:27 Acts:9:6 Acts:9:11 Acts:9:18 Acts:9:34 Acts:9:39 Acts:9:40 Acts:9:41 Acts:10:13 Acts:10:20 Acts:10:26 Acts:10:41 Acts:11:7 Acts:11:28 Acts:12:7 Acts:13:16 Acts:13:33 Acts:13:34 Acts:14:10 Acts:14:20 Acts:15:7 Acts:17:3 Acts:17:31 Acts:20:30 Acts:22:10 Acts:22:16 Acts:23:9 Acts:26:16 Acts:26:30 Romans:14:9 Romans:15:12 1Corinthians:10:7 Ephesians:5:14 1Thessalonians:4:14 1Thessalonians:4:16 Hebrews:7:11 Hebrews:7:15

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