Strongs: G5330

G5330 @ Φαρισαῖος Pharisaios far-is-ah'-yos Of Hebrew origin (compare [H6567]); a separatist that is exclusively religious; a Pharisaean that is Jewish sectary: - Pharisee.
Matthew:3:7 Matthew:5:20 Matthew:9:11 Matthew:9:14 Matthew:9:34 Matthew:12:2 Matthew:12:14 Matthew:12:24 Matthew:12:38 Matthew:15:1 Matthew:15:12 Matthew:16:1 Matthew:16:6 Matthew:16:11 Matthew:16:12 Matthew:19:3 Matthew:21:45 Matthew:22:15 Matthew:22:34 Matthew:22:41 Matthew:23:2 Matthew:23:13 Matthew:23:14 Matthew:23:15 Matthew:23:23 Matthew:23:25 Matthew:23:26 Matthew:23:27 Matthew:23:29 Matthew:27:62 Mark:2:16 Mark:2:18 Mark:2:24 Mark:3:6 Mark:7:1 Mark:7:3 Mark:7:5 Mark:8:11 Mark:8:15 Mark:10:2 Mark:12:13 Luke:5:17 Luke:5:21 Luke:5:30 Luke:5:33 Luke:6:2 Luke:6:7 Luke:7:30 Luke:7:36 Luke:7:37 Luke:7:39 Luke:11:37 Luke:11:38 Luke:11:39 Luke:11:42 Luke:11:43 Luke:11:44 Luke:11:53 Luke:12:1 Luke:13:31 Luke:14:1 Luke:14:3 Luke:15:2 Luke:16:14 Luke:17:20 Luke:18:10 Luke:18:11 Luke:19:39 John:1:24 John:3:1 John:4:1 John:7:32 John:7:45 John:7:47 John:7:48 John:8:3 John:8:13 John:9:13 John:9:15 John:9:16 John:9:40 John:11:46 John:11:47 John:11:57 John:12:19 John:12:42 John:18:3 Acts:5:34 Acts:15:5 Acts:23:6 Acts:23:7 Acts:23:8 Acts:23:9 Acts:26:5 Philippians:3:5

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