Strongs: G1911

G1911 @ ἐπιβάλλω epiballō ep-ee-bal'-lo From G1909 and G906 to throw upon (literally or figuratively transitively or reflexively; usually with more or less force); specifically (with G1438 implied) to reflect; impersonally to belong to: - beat into cast (up-) on fall lay (on) put (unto) stretch forth think on.
Matthew:9:16 Matthew:26:50 Mark:4:37 Mark:11:7 Mark:14:46 Mark:14:72 Luke:5:36 Luke:9:62 Luke:15:12 Luke:20:19 Luke:21:12 John:7:30 John:7:44 Acts:4:3 Acts:5:18 Acts:12:1 Acts:21:27 1Corinthians:7:35

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