Strongs: G1746

G1746 @ ἐνδύω enduō en-doo'-o From G1722 and G1416 (in the senese of sinking into a garment); to invest with clothing (literally or figuratively): - array clothe (with) endue have (put) on.
Matthew:6:25 Matthew:22:11 Matthew:27:31 Mark:1:6 Mark:6:9 Mark:15:17 Mark:15:20 Luke:12:22 Luke:15:22 Luke:24:49 Acts:12:21 Romans:13:12 Romans:13:14 1Corinthians:15:53 1Corinthians:15:54 2Corinthians:5:3 Galatians:3:27 Ephesians:4:24 Ephesians:6:11 Ephesians:6:14 Colossians:3:10 Colossians:3:12 1Thessalonians:5:8 Revelation:1:13 Revelation:15:6 Revelation:19:14

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