Strongs: G1905

G1905 @ ἐπερωτάω eperōtaō ep-er-o-tah'-o From G1909 and G2065 to ask for that is inquire seek: - ask (after questions) demand desire question.
Matthew:12:10 Matthew:16:1 Matthew:17:10 Matthew:22:23 Matthew:22:35 Matthew:22:41 Matthew:22:46 Matthew:27:11 Mark:5:9 Mark:7:5 Mark:7:17 Mark:8:5 Mark:8:23 Mark:8:27 Mark:9:11 Mark:9:16 Mark:9:21 Mark:9:28 Mark:9:32 Mark:9:33 Mark:10:2 Mark:10:10 Mark:10:17 Mark:11:29 Mark:12:18 Mark:12:28 Mark:12:34 Mark:13:3 Mark:14:60 Mark:14:61 Mark:15:2 Mark:15:4 Mark:15:44 Luke:2:46 Luke:3:10 Luke:3:14 Luke:6:9 Luke:8:9 Luke:8:30 Luke:9:18 Luke:17:20 Luke:18:18 Luke:18:40 Luke:20:21 Luke:20:27 Luke:20:40 Luke:21:7 Luke:22:64 Luke:23:3 Luke:23:6 Luke:23:9 John:18:7 John:18:21 Acts:1:6 Acts:5:27 Acts:23:34 Romans:10:20 1Corinthians:14:35

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