Strongs: G2007

G2007 @ ἐπιτίθημι epitithēmi ep-ee-tith'-ay-mee From G1909 and G5087 to impose (in a friendly or hostile sense): - add unto lade lay upon put (up) on set on (up) + surname X wound.
Matthew:9:18 Matthew:19:13 Matthew:19:15 Matthew:21:7 Matthew:23:4 Matthew:27:29 Matthew:27:37 Mark:3:16 Mark:3:17 Mark:4:21 Mark:5:23 Mark:6:5 Mark:7:32 Mark:8:23 Mark:8:25 Mark:16:18 Luke:4:40 Luke:8:16 Luke:10:30 Luke:13:13 Luke:15:5 Luke:23:26 John:9:15 John:19:2 Acts:6:6 Acts:8:17 Acts:8:19 Acts:9:12 Acts:9:17 Acts:13:3 Acts:15:10 Acts:15:28 Acts:16:23 Acts:18:10 Acts:19:6 Acts:28:3 Acts:28:8 Acts:28:10 1Timothy:5:22 Revelation:1:17 Revelation:22:18

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