Strongs: G203

G203 @ ἀκροβυστία akrobustia ak-rob-oos-tee'-ah From G206 and probably a modified form of πόσθη posthē (the penis or male sexual organ); the prepuce; by implication an uncircumcised (that is gentile figuratively unregenerate) state or person: - not circumcised uncircumcised [with G2192] uncircumcision.
Acts:11:3 Romans:2:25 Romans:2:26 Romans:2:27 Romans:3:30 Romans:4:9 Romans:4:10 Romans:4:11 Romans:4:12 1Corinthians:7:18 1Corinthians:7:19 Galatians:2:7 Galatians:5:6 Galatians:6:15 Ephesians:2:11 Colossians:2:13 Colossians:3:11

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