Strongs: G3475

G3475 @ Μωσεύς Μωσῆς Μωΰσῆς Mōseus Mōsēs Mōusēs moce-yoos' mo-sace' Of Hebrew origin [H4872]; Moseus Moses or Mouses (that is Mosheh) the Hebrew lawgiver: - Moses.
Matthew:8:4 Matthew:17:3 Matthew:17:4 Matthew:19:7 Matthew:19:8 Matthew:22:24 Matthew:23:2 Mark:1:44 Mark:7:10 Mark:9:4 Mark:9:5 Mark:10:3 Mark:10:4 Mark:12:19 Mark:12:26 Luke:2:22 Luke:5:14 Luke:9:30 Luke:9:33 Luke:16:29 Luke:16:31 Luke:20:28 Luke:20:37 Luke:24:27 Luke:24:44 John:1:17 John:1:45 John:3:14 John:5:45 John:5:46 John:6:32 John:7:19 John:7:22 John:7:23 John:8:5 John:9:28 John:9:29 Acts:3:22 Acts:6:11 Acts:6:14 Acts:7:20 Acts:7:22 Acts:7:29 Acts:7:31 Acts:7:32 Acts:7:35 Acts:7:37 Acts:7:40 Acts:7:44 Acts:13:39 Acts:15:1 Acts:15:5 Acts:15:21 Acts:21:21 Acts:26:22 Acts:28:23 Romans:5:14 Romans:9:15 Romans:10:5 Romans:10:19 1Corinthians:9:9 1Corinthians:10:2 2Corinthians:3:7 2Corinthians:3:13 2Corinthians:3:15 2Timothy:3:8 Hebrews:3:2 Hebrews:3:3 Hebrews:3:5 Hebrews:3:16 Hebrews:7:14 Hebrews:8:5 Hebrews:9:19 Hebrews:10:28 Hebrews:11:23 Hebrews:11:24 Hebrews:12:21 Jude:1:9 Revelation:15:3

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