Strongs: G4572

G4572 @ σεαυτοῦ σεαυτῷ σεαυτόν σαυτοῦ σαυτῷ σαυτόν seautou seautō seauton sautou sautō sauton seh-ow-too' she-ow-to' she-ow-ton' sow-too' sow-to' sow-ton' The genitive case from G4571 and G846 with the dative and accusative of the same with contractions respectively6 of (with to) thyself: - thee thine own self (thou) thy (-self).
Matthew:4:6 Matthew:8:4 Matthew:19:19 Matthew:22:39 Matthew:27:40 Mark:1:44 Mark:12:31 Mark:15:30 Luke:4:9 Luke:4:23 Luke:5:14 Luke:10:27 Luke:23:37 Luke:23:39 John:1:22 John:7:4 John:8:13 John:8:53 John:10:33 John:14:22 John:17:5 John:21:18 Acts:9:34 Acts:16:28 Acts:26:1 Romans:2:1 Romans:2:5 Romans:2:19 Romans:2:21 Romans:14:22 Galatians:6:1 1Timothy:4:7 1Timothy:4:16 1Timothy:5:22 2Timothy:2:15 2Timothy:4:11 Titus:2:7 Philemon:1:19 James:2:8

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