Strongs: H5048

H5048 @ נגד neged neh'-ghed From H5046 a {front} that {is} part opposite; specifically a {counterpart} or mate; usually ({adverbially} especially with preposition) over against or before: - {about} (over) {against} X {aloof} X far ({off}) X {from} {over} {presence} X other {side} {sight} X to view.
Genesis:21:16 Genesis:31:32 Numbers:2:2 Numbers:25:4 Deuteronomy:28:66 Judges:9:17 Judges:20:34 2Samuel:22:25 1Kings:8:22 2Kings:1:13 2Kings:2:7 2Kings:3:22 1Chronicles:8:32 Nehemiah:3:28 Nehemiah:11:22 Nehemiah:13:21 Psalms:31:22 Psalms:38:11 Psalms:78:12 Proverbs:14:7 Isaiah:1:16 Jeremiah:16:17 Ezekiel:41:16

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