Strongs: H8426

H8426 @ תּודה tôdâh to-daw' From H3034 properly an extension of the {hand} that {is} (by implication) {avowal} or (usually) adoration; specifically a choir of worshippers: - {confession} (sacrifice of) {praise} thanks ({-giving} offering).
Leviticus:7:12 Leviticus:7:13 Leviticus:7:15 Leviticus:22:29 Joshua:7:19 2Chronicles:29:31 2Chronicles:33:16 Ezra:10:11 Nehemiah:12:27 Nehemiah:12:31 Nehemiah:12:38 Nehemiah:12:40 Psalms:26:7 Psalms:42:4 Psalms:50:14 Psalms:50:23 Psalms:56:12 Psalms:69:30 Psalms:95:2 Psalms:100:1 Psalms:100:4 Psalms:107:22 Psalms:116:17 Psalms:147:7 Isaiah:51:3 Jeremiah:17:26 Jeremiah:30:19 Jeremiah:33:11 Amos:4:5 Jonah:2:9

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