Strongs: G3985

G3985 @ πειράζω peirazō pi-rad'-zo From G3984 to test (objectively) that is endeavor6 scrutinize entice discipline: - assay examine go about prove tempt (-er) try.
Matthew:4:1 Matthew:4:3 Matthew:16:1 Matthew:19:3 Matthew:22:18 Matthew:22:35 Mark:1:13 Mark:8:11 Mark:10:2 Mark:12:15 Luke:4:2 Luke:11:16 Luke:20:23 John:6:6 John:8:6 Acts:5:9 Acts:15:10 Acts:16:7 Acts:24:6 1Corinthians:7:5 1Corinthians:10:9 1Corinthians:10:13 2Corinthians:13:5 Galatians:6:1 1Thessalonians:3:5 Hebrews:2:18 Hebrews:3:9 Hebrews:4:15 Hebrews:11:17 Hebrews:11:37 James:1:13 James:1:14 Revelation:2:2 Revelation:2:10 Revelation:3:10

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