Strongs: G1352

G1352 @ διό dio dee-o' From G1223 and G3739 through which thing that is consequently: - for which cause therefore wherefore.
Matthew:27:8 Luke:1:35 Luke:7:7 Acts:10:29 Acts:13:35 Acts:15:19 Acts:20:26 Acts:20:31 Acts:24:26 Acts:25:26 Acts:26:3 Acts:27:25 Acts:27:34 Romans:1:24 Romans:2:1 Romans:4:22 Romans:13:5 Romans:15:7 Romans:15:22 1Corinthians:12:3 2Corinthians:2:8 2Corinthians:4:13 2Corinthians:4:16 2Corinthians:5:9 2Corinthians:6:17 2Corinthians:12:10 Ephesians:2:11 Ephesians:3:13 Ephesians:4:8 Ephesians:4:25 Ephesians:5:14 Philippians:2:9 1Thessalonians:2:18 1Thessalonians:3:1 1Thessalonians:5:11 Philemon:1:8 Hebrews:3:7 Hebrews:3:10 Hebrews:6:1 Hebrews:10:5 Hebrews:11:12 Hebrews:11:16 Hebrews:12:12 Hebrews:12:28 Hebrews:13:12 James:1:21 James:4:6 1Peter:1:13 1Peter:2:6 2Peter:1:10 2Peter:1:12 2Peter:3:14

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