Strongs: G1632

G1632 @ ἐκχέω ἐκχύνω ekcheō ekchunō ek-kheh'-o ek-khoo'-no From G1537 and χέω cheō (to pour); to pour forth; figuratively to bestow: - gush (pour) out run greedily (out) shed (abroad forth) spill.
Matthew:9:17 Matthew:23:35 Matthew:26:28 Mark:2:22 Mark:14:24 Luke:5:37 Luke:11:50 Luke:22:20 John:2:15 Acts:1:18 Acts:2:17 Acts:2:18 Acts:2:33 Acts:10:45 Acts:22:20 Romans:3:15 Romans:5:5 Titus:3:6 Jude:1:11 Revelation:16:1 Revelation:16:2 Revelation:16:3 Revelation:16:4 Revelation:16:6 Revelation:16:8 Revelation:16:10 Revelation:16:12 Revelation:16:17

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