Strongs: G2048

G2048 @ ἔρημος erēmos er'-ay-mos Of uncertain affinity; lonesome that is (by implication) waste (usually as a noun G5561 being implied): - desert desolate solitary wilderness.
Matthew:3:1 Matthew:3:3 Matthew:4:1 Matthew:11:7 Matthew:14:13 Matthew:14:15 Matthew:23:38 Matthew:24:26 Mark:1:3 Mark:1:4 Mark:1:12 Mark:1:13 Mark:1:35 Mark:1:45 Mark:6:31 Mark:6:32 Mark:6:35 Luke:1:80 Luke:3:2 Luke:3:4 Luke:4:1 Luke:4:42 Luke:5:16 Luke:7:24 Luke:8:29 Luke:9:10 Luke:9:12 Luke:13:35 Luke:15:4 John:1:23 John:3:14 John:6:31 John:6:49 John:11:54 Acts:1:20 Acts:7:30 Acts:7:36 Acts:7:38 Acts:7:42 Acts:7:44 Acts:8:26 Acts:13:18 Acts:21:38 1Corinthians:10:5 Galatians:4:27 Hebrews:3:8 Hebrews:3:17 Revelation:12:6 Revelation:12:14 Revelation:17:3

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