Strongs: G455

G455 @ ἀνοίγω anoigō an-oy'-go From G303 and οἴγω oigō (to open); to open up (literally or figuratively in various applications): - open.
Matthew:2:11 Matthew:3:16 Matthew:5:2 Matthew:7:7 Matthew:7:8 Matthew:9:30 Matthew:13:35 Matthew:17:27 Matthew:20:33 Matthew:25:11 Matthew:27:52 Luke:1:64 Luke:3:21 Luke:11:9 Luke:11:10 Luke:12:36 Luke:13:25 John:1:51 John:9:10 John:9:14 John:9:17 John:9:21 John:9:26 John:9:30 John:9:32 John:10:3 John:10:21 John:11:37 Acts:5:19 Acts:5:23 Acts:7:56 Acts:8:32 Acts:8:35 Acts:9:8 Acts:9:40 Acts:10:11 Acts:10:34 Acts:12:10 Acts:12:14 Acts:12:16 Acts:14:27 Acts:16:26 Acts:16:27 Acts:18:14 Acts:26:18 Romans:3:13 1Corinthians:16:9 2Corinthians:2:12 2Corinthians:6:11 Colossians:4:3 Revelation:3:7 Revelation:3:8 Revelation:3:20 Revelation:4:1 Revelation:5:2 Revelation:5:3 Revelation:5:4 Revelation:5:5 Revelation:5:9 Revelation:6:1 Revelation:6:3 Revelation:6:5 Revelation:6:7 Revelation:6:9 Revelation:6:12 Revelation:8:1 Revelation:9:2 Revelation:10:2 Revelation:10:8 Revelation:11:19 Revelation:12:16 Revelation:13:6 Revelation:15:5 Revelation:19:11 Revelation:20:12

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