Strongs: G5607

G5607 @ ὤν οὖσα ὄν ōn ousa on oan oo'-sah on The feminine the neuter and the present participle of G1510 being: - be come have.
Matthew:1:19 Matthew:6:30 Matthew:7:11 Matthew:12:30 Matthew:12:34 Mark:2:26 Mark:5:25 Mark:8:1 Mark:11:11 Mark:13:16 Mark:14:3 Mark:14:43 Mark:14:66 Luke:2:5 Luke:3:23 Luke:6:3 Luke:8:43 Luke:11:23 Luke:12:28 Luke:13:16 Luke:14:32 Luke:20:36 Luke:22:3 Luke:22:53 Luke:23:7 Luke:23:12 Luke:24:6 Luke:24:44 John:1:18 John:1:48 John:3:4 John:3:13 John:3:31 John:4:9 John:5:13 John:6:46 John:6:71 John:7:50 John:8:47 John:9:25 John:9:40 John:10:12 John:10:33 John:11:31 John:11:49 John:11:51 John:12:17 John:18:26 John:18:37 John:19:38 John:20:1 John:20:19 John:21:11 Acts:5:17 Acts:7:2 Acts:7:5 Acts:7:12 Acts:8:23 Acts:9:2 Acts:9:38 Acts:9:39 Acts:11:1 Acts:13:1 Acts:14:13 Acts:15:32 Acts:16:3 Acts:16:21 Acts:17:16 Acts:18:24 Acts:19:31 Acts:19:35 Acts:19:36 Acts:20:34 Acts:21:8 Acts:22:5 Acts:22:9 Acts:24:10 Acts:24:24 Acts:25:23 Acts:26:3 Acts:27:2 Acts:27:9 Acts:28:17 Acts:28:25 Romans:1:7 Romans:4:10 Romans:4:17 Romans:5:6 Romans:5:8 Romans:5:10 Romans:5:13 Romans:7:23 Romans:8:5 Romans:8:8 Romans:8:28 Romans:9:5 Romans:11:17 Romans:12:3 Romans:13:1 Romans:16:1 Romans:16:11 1Corinthians:1:2 1Corinthians:1:28 1Corinthians:8:7 1Corinthians:8:10 1Corinthians:9:19 1Corinthians:9:21 1Corinthians:12:12 2Corinthians:1:1 2Corinthians:5:4 2Corinthians:8:9 2Corinthians:8:22 2Corinthians:11:19 2Corinthians:11:31 Galatians:2:3 Galatians:4:1 Galatians:4:8 Galatians:6:3 Ephesians:1:1 Ephesians:2:1 Ephesians:2:4 Ephesians:2:5 Ephesians:2:13 Ephesians:2:20 Ephesians:4:18 Philippians:1:1 Philippians:1:7 Colossians:1:21 Colossians:2:13 Colossians:4:11 1Thessalonians:2:14 1Thessalonians:5:8 2Thessalonians:2:5 1Timothy:1:13 1Timothy:2:2 1Timothy:3:10 2Timothy:2:19 Titus:1:16 Titus:3:11 Philemon:1:9 Hebrews:1:3 Hebrews:3:2 Hebrews:5:8 Hebrews:8:4 Hebrews:13:3 James:3:4 2Peter:1:18 2Peter:2:11 Revelation:1:4 Revelation:1:8 Revelation:4:8 Revelation:5:5 Revelation:11:17 Revelation:16:5

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