Strongs: G680

G680 @ ἅπτομαι haptomai hap'-tom-ahee Reflexive of G681 properly to attach oneself to that is to touch (in many implied relations): - touch.
Matthew:8:3 Matthew:8:15 Matthew:9:20 Matthew:9:21 Matthew:9:29 Matthew:14:36 Matthew:17:7 Matthew:20:34 Mark:1:41 Mark:3:10 Mark:5:27 Mark:5:28 Mark:5:30 Mark:5:31 Mark:6:56 Mark:7:33 Mark:8:22 Mark:10:13 Luke:5:13 Luke:6:19 Luke:7:14 Luke:7:39 Luke:8:44 Luke:8:45 Luke:8:46 Luke:8:47 Luke:18:15 Luke:22:51 John:20:17 1Corinthians:7:1 2Corinthians:6:17 Colossians:2:21 1John:5:18

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