Strongs: H834

H834 @ אשׁר 'ăsher ash-er' A primitive relative pronoun (of every gender and number); {who} which6 {what} that; also (as adverb and conjunction) {when} where6 {how} because6 in order {that} etc.: - X {after} X {alike} as (soon {as}) {because} X {every} {for} + {forasmuch} + from {whence} + how ({-soever}) X {if} (so) that ([thing] {which} {wherein}) X {though} + {until} + {whatsoever} {when} where (+ {-as} {-in} {-of} {-on} {-soever} {-with}) {which} {whilst} + whither ({-soever}) who ({-m} {-soever} -se). As it is {indeclinable} it is often accompanied by the personal pronoun {expletively} used to show the connection.
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