Strongs: G1392

G1392 @ δοξάζω doxazō dox-ad'-zo From G1391 to render (or esteem) glorious (in a wide application): - (make) glorify (-ious) full of (have) glory honour magnify.
Matthew:5:16 Matthew:6:2 Matthew:9:8 Matthew:15:31 Mark:2:12 Luke:2:20 Luke:4:15 Luke:5:25 Luke:5:26 Luke:7:16 Luke:13:13 Luke:17:15 Luke:18:43 Luke:23:47 John:7:39 John:8:54 John:11:4 John:12:16 John:12:23 John:12:28 John:13:31 John:13:32 John:14:13 John:15:8 John:16:14 John:17:1 John:17:4 John:17:5 John:17:10 John:21:19 Acts:3:13 Acts:4:21 Acts:11:18 Acts:13:48 Acts:21:20 Romans:1:21 Romans:8:30 Romans:11:13 Romans:15:6 Romans:15:9 1Corinthians:6:20 1Corinthians:12:26 2Corinthians:3:10 2Corinthians:9:13 Galatians:1:24 2Thessalonians:3:1 Hebrews:5:5 1Peter:1:8 1Peter:2:12 1Peter:4:11 1Peter:4:14 1Peter:4:16 Revelation:15:4 Revelation:18:7

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