Strongs: G1511

G1511 @ εἶναι einai i'-nahee Present infinitive from G1510 to exist: - am are come is X lust after X please well there is to be was.
Matthew:16:13 Matthew:16:15 Matthew:17:4 Matthew:19:21 Matthew:20:27 Matthew:22:23 Mark:6:49 Mark:8:27 Mark:8:29 Mark:9:5 Mark:9:35 Mark:12:18 Mark:14:64 Luke:2:4 Luke:2:6 Luke:2:44 Luke:2:49 Luke:4:41 Luke:5:12 Luke:8:38 Luke:9:18 Luke:9:20 Luke:9:33 Luke:11:1 Luke:11:8 Luke:14:26 Luke:14:27 Luke:14:33 Luke:19:11 Luke:20:6 Luke:20:20 Luke:20:27 Luke:20:41 Luke:22:24 Luke:23:2 John:1:46 John:7:4 John:17:5 Acts:2:12 Acts:4:32 Acts:5:36 Acts:8:9 Acts:8:37 Acts:13:25 Acts:13:47 Acts:16:13 Acts:16:15 Acts:17:7 Acts:17:18 Acts:17:20 Acts:17:29 Acts:18:3 Acts:18:15 Acts:18:28 Acts:19:1 Acts:23:8 Acts:27:4 Acts:28:6 Romans:1:20 Romans:1:22 Romans:2:19 Romans:3:9 Romans:3:26 Romans:4:11 Romans:4:13 Romans:4:16 Romans:6:11 Romans:7:3 Romans:8:29 Romans:9:3 Romans:14:14 Romans:15:16 Romans:16:19 1Corinthians:3:18 1Corinthians:7:7 1Corinthians:7:25 1Corinthians:7:26 1Corinthians:7:32 1Corinthians:10:6 1Corinthians:11:16 1Corinthians:11:19 1Corinthians:12:23 1Corinthians:14:37 2Corinthians:5:9 2Corinthians:7:11 2Corinthians:9:5 2Corinthians:10:7 2Corinthians:11:16 Galatians:2:6 Galatians:2:9 Galatians:4:21 Galatians:6:3 Ephesians:1:4 Ephesians:1:12 Ephesians:3:6 Philippians:1:23 Philippians:2:6 Philippians:3:8 Philippians:4:11 1Thessalonians:2:6 1Timothy:1:7 1Timothy:2:12 1Timothy:3:2 1Timothy:6:5 1Timothy:6:18 2Timothy:2:24 Titus:1:7 Titus:2:2 Titus:2:4 Titus:2:9 Titus:3:1 Titus:3:2 Hebrews:5:12 Hebrews:11:4 Hebrews:12:11 James:1:18 James:1:26 James:4:4 1Peter:1:21 1Peter:5:12 1John:2:9 Revelation:2:2 Revelation:2:9 Revelation:3:9

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