Strongs: G2334

G2334 @ θεωρέω theōreō theh-o-reh'-o From a derivative of G2300 (perhaps by adverb of G3708); to be a spectator of that is discern (literally figuratively [experience] or intensively [acknowledge]): - behold consider look on perceive see. Compare G3700.
Matthew:27:55 Matthew:28:1 Mark:3:11 Mark:5:15 Mark:5:38 Mark:12:41 Mark:15:40 Mark:15:47 Mark:16:4 Luke:10:18 Luke:14:29 Luke:21:6 Luke:23:35 Luke:23:48 Luke:24:37 Luke:24:39 John:2:23 John:4:19 John:6:19 John:6:40 John:6:62 John:7:3 John:8:51 John:9:8 John:10:12 John:12:19 John:12:45 John:14:17 John:14:19 John:16:10 John:16:16 John:16:17 John:16:19 John:17:24 John:20:6 John:20:12 John:20:14 Acts:3:16 Acts:4:13 Acts:7:56 Acts:8:13 Acts:9:7 Acts:10:11 Acts:17:16 Acts:17:22 Acts:19:26 Acts:20:38 Acts:21:20 Acts:25:24 Acts:27:10 Acts:28:6 Hebrews:7:4 1John:3:17 Revelation:11:11 Revelation:11:12

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