Strongs: G240

G240 @ ἀλλήλων allēlōn al-lay'-lone Genitive plural from G243 reduplicated; one another. (Sometimes with G3326 or G4314.): - each other mutual one another (the other) (them- your-) selves (selves) together [sometimes with G3326 or G4314].
Matthew:24:10 Matthew:25:32 Mark:4:41 Mark:8:16 Mark:9:34 Mark:9:50 Mark:15:31 Luke:2:15 Luke:4:36 Luke:6:11 Luke:7:32 Luke:8:25 Luke:12:1 Luke:23:12 Luke:24:14 Luke:24:17 Luke:24:32 John:4:33 John:5:44 John:6:43 John:6:52 John:11:56 John:13:14 John:13:22 John:13:34 John:13:35 John:15:12 John:15:17 John:16:17 John:16:19 John:19:24 Acts:2:7 Acts:4:15 Acts:7:26 Acts:15:39 Acts:19:38 Acts:21:6 Acts:26:31 Acts:28:4 Acts:28:25 Romans:1:12 Romans:1:27 Romans:2:15 Romans:12:5 Romans:12:10 Romans:12:16 Romans:13:8 Romans:14:13 Romans:14:19 Romans:15:5 Romans:15:7 Romans:15:14 Romans:16:16 1Corinthians:7:5 1Corinthians:11:33 1Corinthians:12:25 1Corinthians:16:20 2Corinthians:13:12 Galatians:5:13 Galatians:5:15 Galatians:5:17 Galatians:5:26 Galatians:6:2 Ephesians:4:2 Ephesians:4:25 Ephesians:4:32 Ephesians:5:21 Philippians:2:3 Colossians:3:9 Colossians:3:13 1Thessalonians:3:12 1Thessalonians:4:9 1Thessalonians:4:18 1Thessalonians:5:11 1Thessalonians:5:15 2Thessalonians:1:3 Titus:3:3 Hebrews:10:24 James:4:11 James:5:9 James:5:16 1Peter:1:22 1Peter:4:9 1Peter:5:5 1Peter:5:14 1John:1:7 1John:3:11 1John:3:23 1John:4:7 1John:4:11 1John:4:12 2John:1:5 Revelation:6:4 Revelation:11:10

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