Strongs: G2596

G2596 @ κατά kata kat-ah' A primary particle; (preposition) down (in place or time) in varied relations (according to the case [genitive dative or accusative] with which it is joined): - about according as (to) after against (when they were) X alone among and X apart (even like) as (concerning pertaining to touching) X aside at before beyond by to the charge of [charita-] bly concerning + covered [dai-] ly down every (+ far more) exceeding X more excellent for from . . . to godly in (-asmuch divers every -to respect of) . . . by after the manner of + by any means beyond (out of) measure X mightily more X natural of (up-) on (X part) out (of every) over against (+ your) X own + particularly so through (-oughout -oughout every) thus (un-) to (-gether -ward) X uttermost where (-by) with. In composition it retains many of these applications and frequently denotes opposition distribution or intensity.
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