Strongs: G5037

G5037 @ τε te teh A primary particle (enclitic) of connection or addition; both or also (properly as a correlation of G2532): - also and both even then whether. Often used in compounds usually as the latter part.
Matthew:22:10 Matthew:23:6 Matthew:27:48 Matthew:28:12 Mark:15:36 Luke:2:16 Luke:12:45 Luke:21:11 Luke:22:66 Luke:23:12 Luke:24:20 John:2:15 John:4:42 John:6:18 Acts:1:1 Acts:1:8 Acts:1:13 Acts:1:15 Acts:2:3 Acts:2:9 Acts:2:10 Acts:2:33 Acts:2:37 Acts:2:40 Acts:2:43 Acts:2:46 Acts:3:10 Acts:4:13 Acts:4:27 Acts:4:33 Acts:5:14 Acts:5:19 Acts:5:24 Acts:5:35 Acts:5:42 Acts:6:7 Acts:6:12 Acts:6:13 Acts:7:26 Acts:8:1 Acts:8:3 Acts:8:6 Acts:8:12 Acts:8:13 Acts:8:25 Acts:8:28 Acts:8:31 Acts:8:38 Acts:9:2 Acts:9:6 Acts:9:15 Acts:9:18 Acts:9:24 Acts:9:29 Acts:10:2 Acts:10:22 Acts:10:28 Acts:10:33 Acts:10:39 Acts:10:48 Acts:11:13 Acts:11:21 Acts:11:26 Acts:12:6 Acts:12:8 Acts:12:12 Acts:13:1 Acts:13:2 Acts:13:4 Acts:14:1 Acts:14:5 Acts:14:12 Acts:14:21 Acts:15:4 Acts:15:5 Acts:15:9 Acts:15:39 Acts:16:11 Acts:16:12 Acts:16:13 Acts:16:23 Acts:16:26 Acts:16:34 Acts:17:4 Acts:17:5 Acts:17:10 Acts:17:14 Acts:17:19 Acts:17:26 Acts:18:4 Acts:18:5 Acts:18:11 Acts:18:26 Acts:19:3 Acts:19:6 Acts:19:10 Acts:19:11 Acts:19:12 Acts:19:17 Acts:19:18 Acts:19:29 Acts:20:3 Acts:20:7 Acts:20:11 Acts:20:21 Acts:20:35 Acts:21:11 Acts:21:12 Acts:21:18 Acts:21:20 Acts:21:25 Acts:21:28 Acts:21:30 Acts:21:37 Acts:22:4 Acts:22:7 Acts:22:8 Acts:22:28 Acts:23:5 Acts:23:10 Acts:23:24 Acts:23:35 Acts:24:3 Acts:24:5 Acts:24:15 Acts:24:23 Acts:24:27 Acts:25:16 Acts:25:23 Acts:25:24 Acts:26:3 Acts:26:10 Acts:26:11 Acts:26:16 Acts:26:20 Acts:26:22 Acts:26:30 Acts:27:1 Acts:27:3 Acts:27:5 Acts:27:8 Acts:27:17 Acts:27:20 Acts:27:21 Acts:27:29 Acts:27:43 Acts:28:23 Romans:1:12 Romans:1:14 Romans:1:16 Romans:1:20 Romans:1:26 Romans:1:27 Romans:2:9 Romans:2:10 Romans:2:19 Romans:3:9 Romans:7:7 Romans:10:12 Romans:14:8 Romans:16:26 1Corinthians:1:2 1Corinthians:1:24 1Corinthians:1:30 1Corinthians:4:21 2Corinthians:10:8 Ephesians:1:10 Ephesians:3:19 Philippians:1:7 Hebrews:1:3 Hebrews:2:4 Hebrews:2:11 Hebrews:4:12 Hebrews:5:1 Hebrews:5:7 Hebrews:5:14 Hebrews:6:2 Hebrews:6:4 Hebrews:6:5 Hebrews:6:19 Hebrews:8:3 Hebrews:9:1 Hebrews:9:2 Hebrews:9:9 Hebrews:9:19 Hebrews:10:33 Hebrews:11:32 Hebrews:12:2 James:3:7 Jude:1:6 Revelation:1:2 Revelation:21:12

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