Strongs: G5293

G5293 @ ὑποτάσσω hupotassō hoop-ot-as'-so From G5259 and G5021 to subordinate; reflexively to obey: - be under obedience (obedient) put under subdue unto (be make) subject (to unto) be (put) in subjection (to under) submit self unto.
Luke:2:51 Luke:10:17 Luke:10:20 Romans:8:7 Romans:8:20 Romans:10:3 Romans:13:1 Romans:13:5 1Corinthians:14:32 1Corinthians:14:34 1Corinthians:15:27 1Corinthians:15:28 1Corinthians:16:16 Ephesians:1:22 Ephesians:5:21 Ephesians:5:22 Ephesians:5:24 Philippians:3:21 Colossians:3:18 Titus:2:5 Titus:2:9 Titus:3:1 Hebrews:2:5 Hebrews:2:8 Hebrews:12:9 James:4:7 1Peter:2:13 1Peter:2:18 1Peter:3:1 1Peter:3:5 1Peter:3:22 1Peter:5:5

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