Strongs: G5376

G5376 @ Φίλιππος Philippos fil'-ip-pos From G5384 and G2462 fond of horses; Philippus the name of four Israelites: - Philip.
Matthew:10:3 Matthew:14:3 Matthew:16:13 Mark:3:18 Mark:6:17 Mark:8:27 Luke:3:1 Luke:3:19 Luke:6:14 John:1:43 John:1:44 John:1:45 John:1:46 John:1:48 John:6:5 John:6:7 John:12:21 John:12:22 John:14:8 John:14:9 Acts:1:13 Acts:6:5 Acts:8:5 Acts:8:6 Acts:8:12 Acts:8:13 Acts:8:26 Acts:8:29 Acts:8:30 Acts:8:31 Acts:8:34 Acts:8:35 Acts:8:37 Acts:8:38 Acts:8:39 Acts:8:40 Acts:21:8

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