Strongs: G652

G652 @ ἀπόστολος apostolos ap-os'-tol-os From G649 a delegate; specifically an ambassador of the Gospel; officially a commissioner of Christ (apostle) (with miraculous powers): - apostle messenger he that is sent.
Matthew:10:2 Mark:6:30 Luke:6:13 Luke:9:10 Luke:11:49 Luke:17:5 Luke:22:14 Luke:24:10 John:13:16 Acts:1:2 Acts:1:26 Acts:2:37 Acts:2:42 Acts:2:43 Acts:4:33 Acts:4:35 Acts:4:36 Acts:4:37 Acts:5:2 Acts:5:12 Acts:5:18 Acts:5:29 Acts:5:34 Acts:5:40 Acts:6:6 Acts:8:1 Acts:8:14 Acts:8:18 Acts:9:27 Acts:11:1 Acts:14:4 Acts:14:14 Acts:15:2 Acts:15:4 Acts:15:6 Acts:15:22 Acts:15:23 Acts:15:33 Acts:16:4 Romans:1:1 Romans:11:13 Romans:16:7 1Corinthians:1:1 1Corinthians:4:9 1Corinthians:9:1 1Corinthians:9:2 1Corinthians:9:5 1Corinthians:12:28 1Corinthians:12:29 1Corinthians:15:7 1Corinthians:15:9 2Corinthians:1:1 2Corinthians:8:23 2Corinthians:11:5 2Corinthians:11:13 2Corinthians:12:11 2Corinthians:12:12 Galatians:1:1 Galatians:1:17 Galatians:1:19 Ephesians:1:1 Ephesians:2:20 Ephesians:3:5 Ephesians:4:11 Philippians:2:25 Colossians:1:1 1Thessalonians:2:6 1Timothy:1:1 1Timothy:2:7 2Timothy:1:1 2Timothy:1:11 Titus:1:1 Hebrews:3:1 1Peter:1:1 2Peter:1:1 2Peter:3:2 Jude:1:17 Revelation:2:2 Revelation:18:20 Revelation:21:14

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