Strongs: H2778

H2778 @ חרף châraph khaw-raf' A primitive root; to pull {off} that {is} (by implication) to expose (as by stripping); specifically to betroth (as if a surrender); figuratively to carp {at} that {is} defame; denominatively (from H2779) to spend the winter: - {betroth} {blaspheme} {defy} {jeopard} {rail} {reproach} upbraid.
Leviticus:19:20 Judges:5:18 Judges:8:15 1Samuel:17:10 1Samuel:17:25 1Samuel:17:26 1Samuel:17:36 1Samuel:17:45 2Samuel:21:21 2Samuel:23:9 2Kings:19:4 2Kings:19:16 2Kings:19:22 2Kings:19:23 1Chronicles:20:7 2Chronicles:32:17 Nehemiah:6:13 Job:27:6 Psalms:42:10 Psalms:44:16 Psalms:55:12 Psalms:57:3 Psalms:69:9 Psalms:74:10 Psalms:74:18 Psalms:79:12 Psalms:89:51 Psalms:102:8 Psalms:119:42 Proverbs:14:31 Proverbs:17:5 Proverbs:27:11 Isaiah:18:6 Isaiah:37:4 Isaiah:37:17 Isaiah:37:23 Isaiah:37:24 Isaiah:65:7 Zephaniah:2:8 Zephaniah:2:10

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