Strongs: H2729

H2729 @ חרד chârad khaw-rad' A primitive root; to shudder with terror; hence to fear; also to hasten (with anxiety): - be (make) {afraid} be {careful} {discomfit} fray ({away}) {quake} tremble.
Genesis:27:33 Genesis:42:28 Exodus:19:16 Exodus:19:18 Leviticus:26:6 Deuteronomy:28:26 Judges:8:12 Ruth:3:8 1Samuel:13:7 1Samuel:14:15 1Samuel:16:4 1Samuel:21:1 1Samuel:28:5 2Samuel:17:2 1Kings:1:49 2Kings:4:13 Job:11:19 Job:37:1 Isaiah:10:29 Isaiah:17:2 Isaiah:19:16 Isaiah:32:11 Isaiah:41:5 Jeremiah:7:33 Jeremiah:30:10 Jeremiah:46:27 Ezekiel:26:16 Ezekiel:26:18 Ezekiel:30:9 Ezekiel:32:10 Ezekiel:34:28 Ezekiel:39:26 Hosea:11:10 Hosea:11:11 Amos:3:6 Micah:4:4 Nahum:2:11 Zephaniah:3:13 Zechariah:1:21

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