Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge

Author: (Attributed often to) R.A. Torrey from references in the Rev. Thomas Scott's Commentary and the Comprehensive Bible
Published: Samuel Bagster - London
License: Public Domain
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The pBiblx2 version of Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge is considered by pBiblx2 as a full bible translation, it enjoys all the search and filter and overlay tools as any other translation:
Basic - tsk@Genesis:1:1-5
Basic Parallel - kjv+tsk Genesis:1:1-5
Basic with Naves overlay - tsk Genesis:1:1-5
Basic with Easton overlay - tsk Genesis:1:1-5
Basic with Map overlay - tsk Joshua:12:1-5
Basic STRING - tsk@STRING:love+thy
Boolean AND - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+AND+mercy
Boolean NOT - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+NOT+mercy
Boolean OR - tsk@STRING:lovingkindness+OR+mercy
Boolean AND with Filter - filter:OT lovingkindness+AND+mercy
Boolean NOT with Filter - filter:OT lovingkindness+NOT+mercy
Boolean OR with Filter - filter:NT kindness+OR+mercy
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