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This is my personal devotion project for 2013 to find and keep the faith of my Christ.
Not my faith in Jesus but, His faith in His Father, His faith in the plan of redemption, what He had to do, how He had to do it, His faith in us, His faith in me.
So I am going through the Gospels this year, going back to His words, going back to His actions, going back to His statements of His faith and journaling my findings and impressions here.
I am reading and studying it first thing in the morning, meditating and checking back in on it throughout the day, then journaling my conclusions at the end of the day.
I expect my impressions to change and develop throughout and will likely be in disagreement with some of my commentary by the end. As it should be! If you are reading my commentary, you should be aware of this effort being an excercise of my seeking out the truth more than teaching it to others; perhaps this will inspire others to seek for themselves the same.
I plan to use index:FAITHOFJESUSDEVOTION as my course along with the King James and link mapping from Eastons and Strongs primarily as well as Robertson's NT Word Pictures and others.
Feel free to join in this adventure with me:
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