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    The following devotions are currently being hosted :
  1. Daily Light Devotional
  2. Devotional: Daily Light JULY18

    The beloved Daily Light Devotional is a one year themeatic am/pm study 15 to 30 mins per day. pBiblx2 automatically advances you in the index to the current day.

  3. Daily Bible Reading Plan1
  4. Devotional:Plan1 July18

    Bible Reading Plan1 is a traditional passage by passage devotion reading both OT and NT parallel in one year 30-45 minutes per day. pBiblx2 will automatically forward you through the daily index.

  5. Faith Of Jesus Daily (Year 1)
  6. mFaithOfJesusDaily

    The Faith of Jesus Daily is a four gospels in one year passage by passage reading that challenges devotees to search for Jesus' faith. Year one was the first attempt at this challenge and is planned to be replaced by a more focused year 2 in 20015

  7. Daily Bible Reading Plan2
  8. Devotional:Plan2 July18

    Bible Reading Plan 2 is a traditional one year multiple chapter per day serial reading. pBiblx2 will forward you through the reading index day to day. 45-60 minutes per day

  9. Daily Bible Reading Plan4
  10. Devotional: Plan4 Day_199

    Daily Bible Reading Plan 4 is a 347 day complete read devotional. pBiblx2 will step you through it's index day to day. 45-60 minutes per day.

  11. Daily Chronological Read
  12. Devotional: Chronological Day_199

    Daily Chronological Read is a year long chronological bible read. pBiblx2 will automatically forward you through the index each day. 45-60 minutes per day

  13. My Journal Pad
  14. My Journal Pad is a convienient way of journaling through your devotion whichever you choose provided for registered comment users of this host site. (See: for registery details)

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