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    The Christian Post U.S.

    The Christian Post

    Former Facebook Employees Unmask 'Trending News' Blacklist of Conservative Media
    LINK Contracted curators who operate Facebook's influential "Trending news" section say they regularly censor some conservative news organizations from being included in the section.

    51 Families Sue Over School's Transgender Bathroom Policy
    LINK Some 51 families with children attending a high school in Illinois' Township High School District 211, filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging a district policy that allows a transgender student to use facilities designated for females.

    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Pushing for Chick-fil-A Boycott
    LINK As popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A prepares to open a new location in the New York City borough of Queens this fall, a councilman backed by support from Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for a boycott of the restaurant.

    Russell Moore: Saying America Is a Christian Nation Is Contrary to the Gospel
    LINK Russell Moore says the belief that the United States is a Christian nation in the respect of being a divinely ordained country is "theological liberalism."

    Man Charged With Raping Teen Inside Church During Youth Meetings
    LINK Travis Clunie, a 25-year-old man who allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl during youth meetings at a church in Sedalia, Missouri, has been slapped with second degree and statutory rape charges for his sins.

    Wisconsin School District to End Lease of Park Where 'Jesus Lunches' Take Place
    LINK A Wisconsin school district will no longer have a lease on a public park where students gather for a weekly Bible study event known as the "Jesus Lunch."

    Christians Must Live Out Their Faith to Impact the World, Says Tony Perkins Ahead of Nat'l Day of Prayer
    LINK FRC President Tony Perkins warned on Wednesday at the Pre-National Day of Prayer event in Washington D.C. that the time for spiritual warfare has arrived in America, and Christians must pray and follow it up with action to protect their families.

    Nation's Largest Atheist Group Demands School District Cancel Field Trip to Creation Museum
    LINK The nation's largest atheist group is demanding that a Pennsylvania school cancel its planned field trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, claiming that such a trip is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Franklin Graham: Christians Are Under Assault in America
    LINK The Rev. Franklin Graham is warning Americans that the country is in imminent danger due to its mockery of God and gross immorality.

    'We're a Dying Breed,' Says Abortion Activist Lamenting Clinic Closures in Liberal States
    LINK An abortion activist from California says clinics are closing down around the country, including in blue states, because fewer women are seeking abortions.

    Woman Suing Church of Scientology Over Forced Abortion
    LINK A former member of the Church of Scientology can legally sue the religious sect for allegedly forcing her to have an abortion, a California judge has ruled.

    Franklin Graham Condemns $36M Gov't Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Featuring Drag Queens
    LINK The Rev. Franklin Graham has denounced a $36 million anti-smoking government campaign aimed at 18- to 24-year-olds that features coming out stories and drag queens called "This Free Life."

    Target Boycott: Conservative Group Slams Rumors of Sending Men Into Women's Bathrooms
    LINK The American Family Association, the group that started the boycott Target campaign, is denying reports that it's sending men into women's bathrooms to test the controversial "inclusive" restroom policy.

    2016 Nat'l Day of Prayer to Be Largest in History With 47,000 Host Sites Across the US
    LINK The annual National Day of Prayer is expected to be larger than ever, with an estimated 47,000 local events taking place across the United States.

    How Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump Inadvertently Help ISIS
    LINK Both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump use overly-simplistic rhetoric about Islamic extremism that is harmful, Imam Abdullah Antepli argued at Faith Angle Forum.

    Catholic Univ. Suspends Employee for Debating LGBTQ Issues With 'Gender Neutral' Student
    LINK A Catholic university in California has suspended an employee for allegedly telling a trio of students, one of whom identifies as gender-neutral, that only two genders, male and female, exist.

    Historic Serbian Orthodox Church Destroyed in NYC Blaze Was Negotiating With Developer
    LINK The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava that was gutted in a massive blaze on West 26th Street in New York City Sunday was engaged in a contentious negotiation process with luxury real estate developer Madison Equities to raise funds to help restore the historic church.

    FBI to Join Investigation of American Missionaries Murdered in Jamaica
    LINK Officers from multiple U.S. law enforcement agencies including the FBI will reportedly join local police in Jamaica in the investigation of the gruesome murders of American missionaries, Randy Hentzel, 48, and Harold Nichols, 53, on the island Saturday.

    Franklin Graham Blasts NFL Draft Pick Laremy Tunsil for Smoking Pot: 'How Much Does It Cost to Act Stupid?'
    LINK The Rev. Franklin Graham has blasted this year's No. 13 NFL draft pick Laremy Tunsil for the football player's irresponsible behavior that's come back to haunt his professional life.

    Weather Channel Founder Blasts Bill Nye, Calls Him a 'Pretend Scientist'
    LINK John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, has called Bill Nye "The Science Guy" a "pretend scientist in a bow tie," and argued that his suggestion of jailing climate change skeptics is akin to the jailing of Italian astronomer Galielo Galilei.

    News from Christian News Wire

    Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
    LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

    American Catholics Have a Moral Duty to Oppose Clinton, says Gun Dean John Snyder of Telum Associates
    LINK Contact: John Snyder, 321-607-6173,

    Constitutional Scholars May Not Agree with What Daleiden Says, But Defend His Right to Say It
    LINK Thomas More Society Welcomes Broad Coalition Defending Undercover Journalist's First Amendment Rights

    'Times-Union' Ad on Sexual Abuse Lobby
    LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,

    Family Research Council Statement on Tennessee SB 1556
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council,  WASHINGTON, April 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam recently signed Senate Bill 1556, which prevents counselors and therapists from being forced to counsel in a manner that conflicts with their orthodox religious beliefs provided they refer to another counselor or therapist.

    Pastor and His Family Arrested in China After Meeting with U.S. Consulate Officials
    LINK Contact: Rachel Ritchie, English Media Director, China Aid, 432-553-1080 cell, 888-889-7757, 432-689-6985, WENZHOU, Zhejiang, China, April 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Authorities in China's coastal Zhejiang province incarcerated a pastor, his wife and son on Tuesday for contacting U.S. Consulate officials in Shanghai and foreign journalists.Wen Xiaowu, a pastor, and his wife, both of whom provided legal defense counsel for churches affected by an ongoing cr Source: China Aid Association, Inc.

    NOM Vows to Unseat Three Republicans Who Betrayed Missouri Voters and People of Faith
    LINK Contact: Chris Plante, National Organization for Marriage, 202-457-8060 ext 812,

    Alabama Legal Foundation Jumps to Oxford's Defense
    LINK Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245

    Knights of Columbus CEO to Speak on Christian Genocide at Holy-See Sponsored UN Event
    LINK Carl Anderson to outline steps to end persecution of Christians in the Middle EastContact: Andrew Walther, 203-824-5412,; Joseph Cullen, 203-800-4923,; both with Knights of Columbus NEW YORK, April 27, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson will be among leading experts gathering at the United Nations this week to examine and help bring an end to the persecution of Christians worldwide.Anderson will ta Source: Knights of Columbus

    Do You Support Target, Financially?
    LINK Know What You're Invested InContact: eVALUEator, 888-469-3863MAITLAND, Fla., April 26, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Target has been the source of recent criticism following their announcement to allow men to enter women's restrooms and vice versa based on what gender they self-identify withthis is a problem, both ethically and in terms of safety. The public outcry has been impressive, with one organization responding within days by establishing a public boycott and more than 700,000 ind Source: The Timothy Plan

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump from Privacy for All
    LINK Contact: Karen England, Privacy for All, 775-737-6616SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 22, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Privacy for All:

    Family Research Council Files Amicus Brief in US Supreme Court First Amendment Case
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council WASHINGTON, April 22, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday, Family Research Council and several allied organizations filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley, which will decide whether a church can be excluded as a government program recipient just because it is a church.

    Student Denied Degree Over Same-Sex Debate
    LINK The Thomas More Society Files Complaint in Defense of Civil and Religious Rights

    Smith Bill to Protect Int'l Religious Freedom Passes the House Foreign Affairs Committee
    LINK Legislation Ready for Vote of Full HouseContact: Jeff Sagnip, 202-225-3765; WASHINGTON, April 21, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- A bill giving the Administration and the State Department new resources and training to help combat the escalation of persecution of Christians and anti-Semitism has been unanimously adopted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Authored by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) with the lead co-sponsorship of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Source: Congressman Chris Smith

    U.S. Must Act to Stop Genocide, Support Peace and Ensure Equality for Survivors
    LINK Carl Anderson gives testimony before Lantos CommissionContact: Andrew Walther, 203-824-5412,; Joseph Cullen, 203-800-4923,; both with Knights of Columbus WASHINGTON, April 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In addition to helping stop the genocide of Christians and others now taking place in the Middle East, the United States must act to prevent its recurrence and to assure the future of the affected communities, according to testimony Source: knights of columbus

    New Marist Poll: Majority of Americans Think Government Position Unfair to Little Sisters of the Poor
    LINK Contact: Andrew Walther, Knights of Columbus, 203-824-5412,

    Bathroom Bills Put Women at Risk and Defy Common Sense
    LINK Contact: Mat Staver, 800-671-1776,,  Press Kit

    Target Sponsors 'O'Neals'
    LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,

    Liberty Counsel Assists Franklin County Schools in Adopting New Club Policy
    LINK Contact: Liberty Counsel, 800-671-1776, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Tenn., April 15, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Liberty Counsel advised the Franklin County School Board regarding a student club policy which was adopted on Monday, April 11. This policy requires parental permission for all school clubs, sign-in sheets for nonschool attendees, and accurate recordkeeping. If any club's content endangers students or creates a substantial risk of material disruption of the schools, then Source: Liberty Counsel

    Preventing Acts of Anti-Semitic Terrorism in Europe
    LINK Smith hearing on April 19 to address Post-Brussels attack threatsContact: Jeff Sagnip, 202-225-3765; WASHINGTON, April 15, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the wake of the recent terrorist bombings in Brussels and threats of violence to European Jewish communities from ISIS, what needs to be done by law enforcement agencies to anticipate and prevent future attacks will be the focus of a congressional hearing planned for Tuesday, April 19 by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ Source: Congressman Chris Smith

    Churches Across Nation to Stand with the Persecuted on Sunday, April 17th
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council WASHINGTON, April 14, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- As Christians around the world face unprecedented levels of persecution, Family Research Council is joining an effort to call upon churches across America to stand with the persecuted. Prominent Christian leaders such James Robison, JC Church of Victory in Truth Ministries (Bucyrus, OH), Pastor Scott Craig of Big Horn Christian Ministr Source: Family Research Council

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