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    The Christian Post U.S.

    The Christian Post

    Ferguson Police Official Fired After Revelation of Racist Emails Insulting Obamas, Minorities
    LINK A Ferguson, Missouri, police official has been fired and two others placed on administrative leave after a new report from the Department of Justice on the city's police department revealed "direct evidence of racial bias" in emails where President Barack Obama is depicted as a chimpanzee and Michelle Obama is shown as a bare-chested African woman.

    80-Foot-Tall Jesus Hot Air Balloon to Lift Off This Easter Season
    LINK A mammoth hot air balloon featuring the painting of a smiling Jesus Christ will ascend to the skies of western New York courtesy in the Easter season.

    Amanda Knox Case Latest News: Appeal Trial Set for March 25
    LINK Amanda Knox has been trying to live a semblance of a normal life in Seattle since being released from prison. The 27-year-old is currently employed at a bookstore and is writing for the West Seattle Herald. Moreover, Knox has become engaged to Colin Sutherland. Sutherland, 27, is said to have known Cox since they were in middle school and has reportedly written numerous letters to her while she was incarcerated in Italy.

    Jodi Arias Sentencing Retrial Update: Fifth Day of Jury Deliberation Ends With No Verdict
    LINK The jurors at the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial have left the court without deciding whether the convicted murderer should be sentenced to death or life in prison for killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

    Consultant Apologizes for Job Ad Seeking School Superintendent With 'Christian' Philosophy After ACLU Complains
    LINK A consultant who suggested in a job advertisement seeking a school superintendent for a rural Northern Michigan school district that candidates have "a strong Christian background and philosophy" apologized and removed the criteria after the ACLU complained.

    Jodi Arias Spared Death Penalty Due to Hung Jury; May Spend Life in Prison
    LINK Jodi Arias, the woman convicted of killing her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, will either be spending life in prison or eligible for parole after 25 years, because a second jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on whether to sentence her to death on Thursday.

    Franklin Graham Warns Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in US and Europe; Endorses 'The Hiding Place' Sequel
    LINK The Rev. Franklin Graham has warned that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and Europe. The evangelical preacher made the comments while endorsing the upcoming release of the film "Return of the Hiding Place," the sequel to the original that was produced by his father, Billy Graham.

    'Thank God for Marijuana,' Says Episcopal Priest in 'One Love' YouTube Video
    LINK The Rev. Chris Schuller, former rector at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, who posted a video on YouTube calling on people to "thank God for marijuana" and stop being judgmental by "throwing stones at people who are already stoned," might soon face punishment from his bishop for the public statements supporting the recreational use of the drug.

    ISIS Distorts Islam Just Like IRA Distorts Catholicism, Says NY Cardinal Dolan
    LINK Cardinal Timothy Dolan has compared terror group ISIS to the infamous Irish Republican Army, claiming that both sets of militants distorted the respective religions they claim to represent.

    Detroit Tigers MLB 2015 Roster News, Rumors: Victor Martinez Set to Be Ready for Opening Day
    LINK Recovering from an off season injury Victor Martinez looks to be on track to play Opening Day.

    NFL 2015 Free Agency News: Where Will Ndamukong Suh Sign?
    LINK Ndamukong Suh is the biggest name set to hit the free agent market. Where will he end up?

    'Jesus Tattoo' Claims Discrimination in Texas School District Court Case Over Rejection of Christian Ad
    LINK A website that depicts Jesus Christ as a modern tattoo artist has argued before an appeals court that a Texas school district discriminated against it when it rejected an ad for a high school stadium.

    NFL's Benjamin Watson Urges ISIS Victims, Christians to 'Stand Firm' With Jesus in the Face of Death; Says Rise of Persecution Indicates Christ's 'Imminent Return'
    LINK Outspoken Christian NFL player Benjamin Watson recently issued a powerful Facebook post writing about the Islamic State and the rise of Christian persecution throughout the world, asserting that all Christians should be ready to die for upholding their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Jahi McMath Family Suing Hospital Over Teen's Treatment
    LINK The family of 13-year-old Jahi McMath has filed a lawsuit against Children's Hospital Oakland after surgery to remove adenoids and help with the teen's sleep apnea allegedly left her brain dead on life support last year.

    We Know Gay Is a Choice Because Prisoners Become Gay, Ben Carson Says
    LINK Since some people go into prison straight and come out gay, homosexuality must be a choice, neurosurgeon and potential presidential candidate Ben Carson told CNN Wednesday.

    Interview: Christian Woman Explains Why She's Wearing a Muslim Hijab During Lent (Part 1)
    LINK Jessey Eagan, a Christian mother of two and part-time children's director at Imago Dei Church in Peoria, Illinois, has chosen to wear a hijab this Lenten season and has been blogging about her experience #40daysofhijab since she started.

    Creators of Film Critical of Scientology Calls Out John Travolta and Tom Cruise to Address Allegations of Abuse Within Organization
    LINK The director and writer of "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" have issued a call to Tom Cruise and John Travolta to speak out about their experience within the organization, including allegations of abuse within.

    Ken Ham Responds to Richard Dawkins' Accusation of Christian Parents Indoctrinating Children, Says Dawkins Wants Only 'Religion of Atheism' to Be Taught
    LINK Answers in Genesis CEO and President Ken Ham has responded to atheist author Richard Dawkins' recent comments that religious parents are indoctrinating children, by stating that Dawkins wants to impose his own "religion" of atheism at the exclusion of all others.

    Facebook Suspends Account of Black Middle Schooler Who Said President Obama Has 'Downright Hatred' for America
    LINK Coreco "C.J." Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student from Georgia who shot to conservative stardom for passionately defending former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's claim that he doesn't believe President Barack Obama loves America in a YouTube video two Saturday's ago, says social media giant Facebook has suspended his personal account due to "suspicious activity."

    Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich Remembered at Funeral: Words Do Hurt, Words Can Kill, Former Senator Says in Eulogy
    LINK Missouri Auditor and gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich was remembered by former U.S. Sen. John Danforth, now an Episcopal Priest, during his funeral on Tuesday, with Danforth issuing a stern warning about gossip.

    News from Christian News Wire

    Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
    LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

    Five U.S. Groups Commit to Pray for Nigeria's Elections
    LINK CANAN, ASPLN, The Praying Army, Wailing Women Worldwide, Nigeria Prays Come Together to Pray for Nigeria's Peace, Democracy and General Elections* Prayers every Saturday night from March 7th to election day* Prayer Line number 760-569-7676. Pin is 980794# Contact: Pastor Laolu Akande, Executive Director, CANAN, 516-819-4355, NEW YORK, March 5, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Further to our fervent need to uphold Nigeria and its general elections coming later Source: Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans

    Massive Scripture Distribution Under Way in Egypt Following ISIS Killings
    LINK Contact: Andrea Rhodes, United Bible Societies, +44(0)118-952-1428

    Black Pastors Urge Congressional Black Caucus Not to Skip Netanyahu Speech in Open Letter
    LINK Contact: Ryan Hughes, Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, 224-723-8688, 703-739-5920

    Dr. Alveda King to Congressional Black Caucus: Realignment is Critical
    LINK Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277

    Vigil for Marriage at the Supreme Court and All Federal Courts
    LINK Contact: Dr. Scott Lively, 413-250-0984,

    Freedom Climb Applauds Passage of 'End Slavery Act' by US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    LINK Contact: Michele Nadeem-Baker, 617-818-1223

    Pastors Nationwide Support Kent Hovind and Judge Roy Moore
    LINK Contact: Dr. Greg Dixon, 317-414-3478; Pastor Wiley S. Drake, 714-865-8132

    Three Reasons President Obama is Wrong -- Christians Living Under Persecution Speak Out -- Exclusive Interviews
    LINK Contact: Lisa Jones, Executive Director, Christian Freedom International, 800-323-2273,

    Warning in Syria: More Mass Killing of Christians
    LINK Contact: Lou Ann Sabatier, Communications Director, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, 703-536-2643, 703-216-2941 cell, WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Assyrian villages along the Khabour River are under siege.  Over a thousand families displaced.  Dozens kidnappedthe number swelling from 150 initially to now over 200.  Their fate unknown but given the horror that recently befell the 21 martyred Coptic Christian Source: 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative

    Historian and Creator of Says Last Generation of Aramaic Speaking Christians are the Target of Persecution
    LINK Contact: Matti Stevenson, 719-360-0586,

    Comedy Central Gets Filthy Again
    LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,

    IRD Cheers Religious Broadcasters' Strong Witness for Religious Liberty
    LINK "NRB's strong witness and speaker lineup is an antidote to Evangelical squishiness." -- Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Action Director

    Religious Leaders Call for Action, Prayer Feb. 22 for 21 Coptic Christians Beheaded by ISIS
    LINK Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Dr. Russell Moore, Gabe Lyons, Mark Burnett & Roma Downey Lead Multi-confessional EffortContact: Kristin Cole, A. Larry Ross Communications, 972-267-1111, kristin@alarryross.comSACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 20, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Religious leaders from around the nation are calling upon all Christians to allocate a minute of silence on Sunday, February 22, followed by a prayer reflecting upon the memory and for the grieving families of the 21 Egyptian Coptic Source: A. Larry Ross Communications

    The Church - Silent Too Long
    LINK Contact: Mrs. Jane Kelley, National Center for Life and Liberty, 888-233-6255

    Christian Radio Reaching the Unreached in Nepal
    LINK Thousands in Formerly Closed Country Now Hear Gospel through Reach Beyond Partnership

    National Reconciliation Service in Response to Ferguson and Racial Unrest
    LINK Contact: Sandy Adams, S.T.A.N.D., 757-375-6444,  

    Coptic Solidarity Demands Urgent Actions to Save Kidnapped Copts in Libya
    LINK Contact: Lindsay Vessey, Coptic Solidarity, 801-512-1713, WASHINGTON, Feb. 13, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new report by the Islamic State has just been published with photos alluding to the possible execution of the 21 Coptic Christian construction workers kidnapped from their place of employment in Sirte Libya. Coptic Solidarity condemns this heinous kidnapping and urges the Egyptian government to do everything possible to save the Coptic hostages.Website Source: Coptic Solidarity

    New 21st-Century Wilberforce Initiative, Co-founded by Frank Wolf, Issues Report on Looming Genocide for Iraq's Minorities
    LINK Contact: Lou Ann Sabatier, Communications Director, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, 703-536-2643, 703-216-2941 cell, WASHINGTON, Feb. 11, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former Congressman Frank R. Wolf and the newly created religious freedom group, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, released a report today entitled "Edge of Extinction," based on a recent fact finding mission to Iraq. The report warns that if the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq is not de Source: 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative

    A Presidential Blunder: My Response to Obama's Address at the National Prayer Breakfast
    LINK Contact: Ruth Malhotra, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Public Relations, 770-449-6766,

    History Professor Dispels Myths about the Crusades
    LINK Contact: Jon Sorensen, 619-387-7200; Kerry Beck at

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