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    The Christian Post U.S.

    The Christian Post

    Google To Livestream Republican Convention Despite Protests
    LINK It is official – Google is the official livestream service provider for the upcoming Republican Convention, which the company confirmed according to a report in Politico. The company pushed through with its official sponsorship role despite pressure from anti-Trump groups who think that the tech company should not support the controversial GOP nominee Donald Trump.

    Transgender Students Must Use Bathrooms of Birth Sex, Says Florida School District
    LINK Students living in one Florida school district are now required to use the bathrooms that align with their birth sex, not the bathrooms of the gender in which the choose to identify.

    Education Dept. Releases 'Shame List' of Faith-Based Colleges Seeking Title IX Exemption From Transgender Rules
    LINK The U.S. Department of Education published Friday a list of faith-based colleges and universities that were granted a religious exemption from Title IX. LGBT activist groups have been calling on the government to publish the list as part of a shaming campaign called the "Shame List" to pressure Christian colleges to consent to their agenda.

    Satanists Fuming Over Boehner Comparison of Ted Cruz to Lucifer
    LINK Satanists are on fire over former House Speaker John Boehner's contemptuous comparison of Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz to the prince of Hell, Lucifer.

    Man Killed Inside Church After Argument Over Seats Reserved With Bibles, Authorities Say
    LINK A troubled man who eyewitnesses say just wanted to worship his "own way" on Sunday was shot dead during a service at the Keystone Fellowship Church in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, following a fight over seats, says authorities.

    Liberty University Students Get OK to Keep Handguns in Dorm Rooms Next Fall
    LINK Come this fall, Liberty University, the world's largest Christian University and America's fifth largest university, will allow students with concealed handgun permits from the state to keep their weapons inside their dorm rooms with permission from the school.

    #WeAreN2016 Congress Calls on World Leaders to End Christian Persecution
    LINK The ongoing #WeAreN2016 Congress, an international gathering of high level experts and witnesses being held in New York City, is calling on world leaders to stop the persecution of Christians in countries such as Syria, Iraq and Nigeria by Islamist terror groups.

    Russell Moore: 5 Reasons Why You Should Tell Your Spouse if You've Cheated
    LINK Adultery is devastating, and the offending spouse must first turn away from sin through repentance before God but should the adultery also be confessed to your spouse? Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, gives five reasons to do so.

    If ISIS Exterminates Christians the World 'Has No Hope,' Warns Congressman
    LINK A U.S. congressman who played a vital role in persuading the government to label the Islamic State's slaughter of religious minorities a "genocide" has warned that the world has "no hope" unless the terror group is stopped from exterminating Christians and the other minorities.

    Over 1 Million Vow to Boycott Target Over Transgender Bathroom Policy
    LINK Over 1 million people have signed a pledge to boycott Target after the retailer announced last week that its stores will allow customers who are men according to their birth sex to go into women's bathrooms and dressing rooms.

    Virginia Suspends Abortion Clinic's License After 52-Page Report Reveals Numerous Violations
    LINK A Virginia abortion clinic has had its license suspended after an inspection found 26 violations using dirty equipment on women, workers not changing blood-stained scrubs between operations, and not changing scrubs after plunging a clogged toilet.

    Pediatric Experts Clash Over Liberal AAP Teaching Children It's Healthy to Be Transgender
    LINK In 2002 a group of pediatricians and related professionals split from the 86-year-old American Academy of Pediatrics over the organization's support for abortion and homosexual adoption. Some 14 years later, now called the American College of Pediatricians, the group is challenging the AAP on transgenderism.

    Did Human Morality or Knowledge of God Come First? Ken Ham Offers Answers in Genesis' Response
    LINK Creationist Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis organization has offered an answer to the question of whether human morality or knowledge of God came first, looking at the debate through the lens of Scripture.

    Anne Graham Lotz: America Entering 'Phase of Judgment' for Its Wickedness
    LINK Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, says the United States is entering a "phase of judgment" for its increasing rejection of Christianity.

    Students Must Use Bathrooms Matching Their Birth Sex, Florida School Board Says
    LINK The Marion County school board in Florida has decided that children must use bathrooms that correspond to their biological gender after a father complained that a transgender student was violating his son's privacy.

    Report: AmeriCorps Recipient Helped Women Getting Abortions in NYC Clinics
    LINK AmeriCorps, the massive public service program boasting 87,500 volunteers and a $728 million annual budget, is authorized to help with everything from disaster response services to foster care to affordable housing – but not with abortions.

    Author Larry Taunton Denies Claim Atheist Christopher Hitchens 'Accepted God' Before Death
    LINK Evangelical author Larry Alex Taunton cleared up rumors that he claimed notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens "accepted God" before he died, in an interview with The Christian Post.

    Pastor and Wife Gunned Down by Adopted Son Inside Home
    LINK The community of Hartselle, Alabama is still reeling in shock after a beloved 43-year-old pastor and his wife were allegedly gunned down in cold blood inside their home last Thursday by their adopted son.

    Oregon Bakers Forced to Pay $135K for Not Making Gay Wedding Cake File Appeal
    LINK A couple in Oregon who lost their bakery because they refused to make a gay wedding cake are appealing the decision that found them guilty of discrimination.

    Perry Noble Lists 4 Reasons Donald Trump Will Win Republican Nomination
    LINK NewSpring megachurch Pastor Perry Noble has listed four reasons why he believes Donald Trump is on the verge of clinching the Republican presidential nomination, noting that unlike his rivals, he shows leadership and delivers a clear message.

    News from Christian News Wire

    Christian Newswire: Religious Liberties / Persecution
    LINK Religious Liberties / Persecution

    Family Research Council Statement on Tennessee SB 1556
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council,  WASHINGTON, April 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam recently signed Senate Bill 1556, which prevents counselors and therapists from being forced to counsel in a manner that conflicts with their orthodox religious beliefs provided they refer to another counselor or therapist.

    Pastor and His Family Arrested in China After Meeting with U.S. Consulate Officials
    LINK Contact: Rachel Ritchie, English Media Director, China Aid, 432-553-1080 cell, 888-889-7757, 432-689-6985, WENZHOU, Zhejiang, China, April 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Authorities in China's coastal Zhejiang province incarcerated a pastor, his wife and son on Tuesday for contacting U.S. Consulate officials in Shanghai and foreign journalists.Wen Xiaowu, a pastor, and his wife, both of whom provided legal defense counsel for churches affected by an ongoing cr Source: China Aid Association, Inc.

    NOM Vows to Unseat Three Republicans Who Betrayed Missouri Voters and People of Faith
    LINK Contact: Chris Plante, National Organization for Marriage, 202-457-8060 ext 812,

    Alabama Legal Foundation Jumps to Oxford's Defense
    LINK Contact: John Eidsmoe, Foundation for Moral Law, 334-262-1245

    Knights of Columbus CEO to Speak on Christian Genocide at Holy-See Sponsored UN Event
    LINK Carl Anderson to outline steps to end persecution of Christians in the Middle EastContact: Andrew Walther, 203-824-5412,; Joseph Cullen, 203-800-4923,; both with Knights of Columbus NEW YORK, April 27, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson will be among leading experts gathering at the United Nations this week to examine and help bring an end to the persecution of Christians worldwide.Anderson will ta Source: Knights of Columbus

    Do You Support Target, Financially?
    LINK Know What You're Invested InContact: eVALUEator, 888-469-3863MAITLAND, Fla., April 26, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Target has been the source of recent criticism following their announcement to allow men to enter women's restrooms and vice versa based on what gender they self-identify withthis is a problem, both ethically and in terms of safety. The public outcry has been impressive, with one organization responding within days by establishing a public boycott and more than 700,000 ind Source: The Timothy Plan

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump from Privacy for All
    LINK Contact: Karen England, Privacy for All, 775-737-6616SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 22, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Privacy for All:

    Family Research Council Files Amicus Brief in US Supreme Court First Amendment Case
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council WASHINGTON, April 22, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday, Family Research Council and several allied organizations filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley, which will decide whether a church can be excluded as a government program recipient just because it is a church.

    Student Denied Degree Over Same-Sex Debate
    LINK The Thomas More Society Files Complaint in Defense of Civil and Religious Rights

    Smith Bill to Protect Int'l Religious Freedom Passes the House Foreign Affairs Committee
    LINK Legislation Ready for Vote of Full HouseContact: Jeff Sagnip, 202-225-3765; WASHINGTON, April 21, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- A bill giving the Administration and the State Department new resources and training to help combat the escalation of persecution of Christians and anti-Semitism has been unanimously adopted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Authored by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) with the lead co-sponsorship of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Source: Congressman Chris Smith

    U.S. Must Act to Stop Genocide, Support Peace and Ensure Equality for Survivors
    LINK Carl Anderson gives testimony before Lantos CommissionContact: Andrew Walther, 203-824-5412,; Joseph Cullen, 203-800-4923,; both with Knights of Columbus WASHINGTON, April 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In addition to helping stop the genocide of Christians and others now taking place in the Middle East, the United States must act to prevent its recurrence and to assure the future of the affected communities, according to testimony Source: knights of columbus

    New Marist Poll: Majority of Americans Think Government Position Unfair to Little Sisters of the Poor
    LINK Contact: Andrew Walther, Knights of Columbus, 203-824-5412,

    Bathroom Bills Put Women at Risk and Defy Common Sense
    LINK Contact: Mat Staver, 800-671-1776,,  Press Kit

    Target Sponsors 'O'Neals'
    LINK Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,

    Liberty Counsel Assists Franklin County Schools in Adopting New Club Policy
    LINK Contact: Liberty Counsel, 800-671-1776, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Tenn., April 15, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Liberty Counsel advised the Franklin County School Board regarding a student club policy which was adopted on Monday, April 11. This policy requires parental permission for all school clubs, sign-in sheets for nonschool attendees, and accurate recordkeeping. If any club's content endangers students or creates a substantial risk of material disruption of the schools, then Source: Liberty Counsel

    Preventing Acts of Anti-Semitic Terrorism in Europe
    LINK Smith hearing on April 19 to address Post-Brussels attack threatsContact: Jeff Sagnip, 202-225-3765; WASHINGTON, April 15, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the wake of the recent terrorist bombings in Brussels and threats of violence to European Jewish communities from ISIS, what needs to be done by law enforcement agencies to anticipate and prevent future attacks will be the focus of a congressional hearing planned for Tuesday, April 19 by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ Source: Congressman Chris Smith

    Churches Across Nation to Stand with the Persecuted on Sunday, April 17th
    LINK Contact: J.P. Duffy or Alice Chao, 866-FRC-NEWS, 866-372-6397; both with Family Research Council WASHINGTON, April 14, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- As Christians around the world face unprecedented levels of persecution, Family Research Council is joining an effort to call upon churches across America to stand with the persecuted. Prominent Christian leaders such James Robison, JC Church of Victory in Truth Ministries (Bucyrus, OH), Pastor Scott Craig of Big Horn Christian Ministr Source: Family Research Council

    Chicago's Top Tourist and Family Entertainment Venue Sued for Wrongful Arrest
    LINK Thomas More Society Files Lawsuit Against Navy Pier on Behalf of Persecuted Pro-Life Advocate

    Liberty Counsel Advises Churches Regarding Boy Scouts
    LINK Contact: Liberty Counsel, 800-671-1776, ORLANDO, Fla., April 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Liberty Counsel has received questions from churches which have chosen to maintain their association with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) regarding whether their continued involvement with the organization requires them to admit an openly homosexual scout master or youth member. Liberty Counsel has provided model language to ensure that all church programs or uses of property, in Source: Liberty Counsel

    Illinois Court Rejects Temporary Restraining Order: Campaign to Expose Planned Parenthood's Waste Disposal Company Will Proceed
    LINK Contact: Mark Harrington, 614-419-9000,  

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